FreePascal/Lazarus book: Start programming using Object Pascal


This is a free PDF English book about Free Pascal / Lazarus for beginners.


This book is written for programmers whom want to learn Object Pascal Language. Also it is suitable as a first programming book for new students and non-programmers.

It illustrates programming techniques as general in addition to Object Pascal Language.


License of this book is Creative Commons.


  1. Language Basics
  2. Structured Programming
  3. GUI
  4. Object Oriented Programing

Download PDF

Download Book Examples

License: Creative commons

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14 thoughts on “FreePascal/Lazarus book: Start programming using Object Pascal

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  3. Lazarus/Free Pascal is great environment. Lazarus brings great come back of Pascal programming languagle. And this book is extremely usefull. Thank you!

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  5. I’ve struggled with a few Delphi books trying to learn Pascal, then discovered your book. Suddenly I’m understanding why Pascal works the way it does and things are making sense.

    Can’t thank you enough.

  6. Hi Motaz!

    Thank you for the fantastic book! I haven’t programmed for a long time, but your book got me up and running with free pascal/Lazarus in no time!

  7. Tshepo Toloane

    Indescribable Thanks for the book! It really helps one get started with free pascal.

  8. Is there any one who can give me Lazarus code solution for the following system of linear equation :

    2x – 2y+z = –2
    3x + y-2z = 4
    x + y +z= 3

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