Lazarus Web development: FreeSpider Apache Module

Yesterday I’ve released FreeSpider version 1.3.0 with support of Apache Module.

FreeSpider is a web development package that is used to develop web applications using Lazarus IDE.

Now it supports CGI executables and Apache Module library.

You can migrate easily your old FreeSpider web CGI applications to produce Apache Module library version.
See performance comparison page:

Fore more detailed information please read the user manual:

There are three web application samples in the page

21 thoughts on “Lazarus Web development: FreeSpider Apache Module

  1. Motaz,

    I was looking into Freespider, that come with CodeTyphon 2.9. It is interesting. Now I created the CGI-birbary file “project.exe”.

    How I need to run with NGINX in windows?


  2. I have installed the FreeSpider on Centos6. simple cgi applications run, but I have problems with cgi apps that use a database. I have tried both ZeosLib 7 for MySql and IBConnection for Firebird 2.5.

    In design mode I can connect to the databases and open a query. In running mode, Apache either displays internal server error or access violation.

    I have a sense it something to do with Apache database libraries not being accessible or incorrect versions.

    Do you have any comment on this?

  3. There is no special Apache database libraries. I got a similar proablem when deploying CGI application on Redhat, it is caused by SeLinux. Try disable it temporary, but in my case the database was in another machine.

  4. I have totally disabled SeLinux as well as the Firewall and the “access violation” condition persists. When I use the SDFDataset then the CGI works perfectly.

    When executing the CGI in command line then I do not receive any error messages neither in /var/log/httpd/error_log nor /var/log/mysqld.log.

    By the way, I have also tried with your news sample application.

  5. Most of my testing for FreeSpider applications was in Ubuntu and Mint, but I have deployed in RedHat.
    May be you have used a component before it was created…
    Which version of Lazarus do you use and which architecture 32 or 64

  6. The vesrions are:
    Lazarus version = 1.0.2
    FPC = 2.6.0
    Linux= CENTOS 6.3 32 bit.

    I am not using any components except either the Firebird or Sqldb database components. The relevant units are added automatically as you would know.

  7. Thanks Motaz. I am presently not nearby the development system, I will forward you the project source tonight (my time zone is GMT + 2).

  8. I have implemented changes as per your recommendation. It simply means any separate function or procedure that I declare needs to form part of the “TDatamodule1” class definition.

    I have tested both SQLDb and Zeos components without any further problems.

    Thanks for your support.

  9. Hi Motaz,
    i try to write my first cgi-application with FreeSpider.
    I think it’s quiet easy to use, but now i have one question. Is it possible, to include an HTML-Template in another template, and AFTER this step, to replace all the tags in those templates?
    My english is not perfect, so i hope you understand my question?


  10. I’m not sure why do you need the insert a template inside another template.
    TSpiderPage component can help you use HTML templates and replaces tags at run time, these tags could be TSpiderTable, TSpiderForm, but another TSpiderPage.. I think yes it is possible, but I hadn’t tried it yet

  11. hello master motaz..

    1) I learned to create applications with components FreeSpider cgi ..
    to display the html file (template) I use TSPIDERPAGE, but why could not display the images .. Can you advise the correct way .. please help me ..

    2) “” website is also written with FreeSpider ..?

    thank you, waiting for your advice ..

  12. thanks Motaz, the problem has been resolved ….

    just a question .. , Web page (template) I created with Kompozer web editor and saved as HTML, to display the image written … src = “images/image308.gif” … and when I run it (Tspiderpage) image does not appear. But if I add the “/” in the html source ==> ‘… src = “/ images/image308.gif” … it works well, so every change my design (html template) I find & add ‘/’ before the web page is run, … “a little trouble” .. if you have any other ways or advice .. please tell me.

    btw: I can not browse, I do not have a password ..

    wish you good health and success…

  13. I think this is a problem in Kompozer application. src=”images/image308.gif” means a link relative to current position and it will be translated to “/cgi-bin/images/image308.gif”
    try src=”../images/image308.gif”

    sms.chin… is a private web for a company

  14. Is it possible to use your code to produce an http web server. Maybe with something like Indy or the Lazarus equivalent. I would like to run my own server from home and need to create pages on the fly.

  15. Hello Tom,
    Actually now there is no way to use FreeSpider as stand alone server, it needs a Web server now, but I always think about this solution, to use Synapse http server socket to produce web application with embedded web server. This needs good planing and considerable free time.

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